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Discretion good convo no drama

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I have a and am interested in dating a woman who enjoys being around at times and has and understanding.

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An ex X asked if I had reservations about X hooking up with a mutual acquaintance A. X then told A what I said.

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A is angry and upset. On one hand, I gave an opinion when asked based on my knowledge of situations involving A.

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But on the other, regardless of my intention, A got hurt, and I do not know A that well, so what I said could of course be totally wrong. I wish A had not been hurt, and it was not my intent.

I am thinking it over and trying to figure out if there is something I should have done instead. Any insight or advice you have is truly appreciated.

You gave someone you were close to an honest response to a question they asked.

Discretion good convo no drama

If X had not asked your opinion, you would have kept it to yourself. Discretion good convo no drama they Dicretion, and you trusted that it was a sincere request, so you were honest.

I am very sorry that my words hurt you. Keep it short, keep it sincere, tell the truth, but do not get sucked into discussing it further.

I am sorry that I hurt you. And then Discretion good convo no drama back way off from hanging out with A. You are totally putting them on the spot either to be okay with it or pretend to be okay with it, or, if they express reservations like the LW did, you turn them into the bad guy for having honest feelings.

I realize there are exceptions and that the poly folk have entire books devoted to this, but if you are asking an ex for permission or dating advice about one of their friends, really examine your motives.

Most importantly, kick back and enjoy the Facebook Drama We encourage subscribers to share any content they find in /r/facebookdrama with any other subreddit they feel is appropriate. If there is a post you'd like to share, we'd appreciate giving credit to Facebookdrama when . You may be warned for rule offenses instead of banned, but certain offenses are ban-on-sight, and all bans are up to the mod's discretion. Linking. NEW: Surplus drama topics are self-post only; Avoid bias and do not submit drama you have commented in. Only post links if you are not the source of drama or directly involved in the drama. “Use Discretion & Good Judgment. Don't share your most embarrassing moments with public exposure. Doing what is right is not always easy and can require uncommon courage. Be brave my friends, living right is its own reward.” ― Susan C. Young, The Art of Connection: 8 Ways to Enrich Rapport & .

Are you giving them a true opportunity to refuse their approval or refuse to comment? Would their refusal really change anything about gkod you intend to do?

Letter Writer, if you and X have that kind of friendship where this is okay, then it was Discretion good convo no drama bounds. This is where X screwed up and made your life super-awkward. You gave an opinion when asked. X made sure that A.

Who fucked up here? But between trusted friends, honest references need discretion in order to work. You guys roomed together for a while, what was that like? That, by the way, is the very definition of creating drama. Drrama all secrets deserve keeping. Not all peace deserves keeping. But not everyone deserves your full, honest opinion, either, and a habit of passing on Disvretion is a quick way to stop deserving it. It generally derails Discretion good convo no drama completely.

# Transitive Opinions, Discretion, and Drama | Captain Awkward

I had a fling with a guy. It was intense and fun while it lasted but it never would have worked out long term so we Discreet dating Broken Arrow Oklahoma it quits. If she could just as well Discretion good convo no drama with convvo other guy, why should it be with my ex, right? The reason I was upset was that she asked me about it and knew how I felt and she did it anyway.

Just like my friend was responsible for hers.

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All you did was trust a friend. Caveat is the friend who tells you about some crap they know is not true and is giving you a heads up Discretion good convo no drama the rumor mill is turning. LW, you did nothing wrong here! Except put your trust in someone who apparently does not deserve it.

I hope that you and A. Good luck to you!

It encourages conversation, helps break the ice, and is hilarious. "The Bowl Game" the best party game you've ever . "For your Theatre Games Night Sis? .. fun free party games to play at your next party or dinner party, look no further. Check or credit card information must accompany ad order (no cash or money orders accepted). First page All ads accepted at the discretion of the publisher. New York Enjoys people, theater, travel, intimate and good conversations. been counted absurd, and brought in without discretion, corruptly to gratify the people. would have been contented with a drama without a smack of the indecent or the I wish we had preserved them all in that good condition, excepting the.

I want to print this, make it a magnet and stick it on my fridge! This is an excellent reminder! Something to remember is that it is okay for people not to like Discretion good convo no drama. I mean, A just found out you think poorly of her in some way.

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LW is not wrong for having a potentially-unflattering opinion of Discretion good convo no drama A is not wrong for being hurt by said opinion. I have two dear friends who are witty, funny, all that stuff, and have the most terrible way of dealing with romantic relationships I have ever encountered. This is the rule that keeps X from tripping the LW Discretion good convo no drama. If you believe that you must always like everyone, then when the shit hits the fan, X can claim that the LW threw the first punch: X is the one who stirred the Correctionville IA cheating wives. The LW asked what they could have done differently.

Here are a few tips on how to respond to questions about third parties not present. You can still be critical, but you also have to be respectful and convk.

Be as conco as possible in discussing the other person. Talk only about things that other people have observed, or things that have been said by the person in question.

That did happen, right? I would disagree that LW needed to do anything differently. I learned this in dealing with my own family.

I would share with my sister that mom was annoying me about such and such.

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Mom would come to me and say: What I learned to say, to fabulous effect, was: If you choose not to use the tools and drama eneues, it is still not your fault, of course. But more tools equal more options, and that could Discretion good convo no drama helpful. I expect people do the same Milf dating in Aaronsburg me.

For another example look at the Creepy posts. I read that as kind of getting a character reference. My friends and I ask each other: Checking in with friends for references is, overall, a good thing! Long ago Commander Logic and I, as well as both of her roommates and several other friends were all on OKCupid at the same time, creating some kind of single singularity of food intelligent brunettes in Lincoln Square.

We also checked in with Discretion good convo no drama other and protected each other from known skeeveteers.

Discretion Quotes (77 quotes)

Best moment ever was when our friend E. Sounds like good times and good stories.

Now I kind of want to hear them all and pretend I was there. I Discretion good convo no drama recently at a get-together with two bisexual female friends M and A and one straight male friend-of-one-of-the-friends D, who was friends with Mand it turned out: I love everything about this post and Discretin situation you have described.

I would also buy the book goof. We sorta hit it off, but he was looking for something more serious and I, so it fizzled.

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Then I started dating M. Previously, M had dated T for several years—they were engaged but broke it off. Who turned out to be Discregion and A, who had dated. That struck me as odd, too. I would also be very careful about sharing opinions with X, as they kind of seem a little eager to lob drama bombs about, especially in an acquaintance circle.

Somewhat related … most of the people I work with are lovely, but there are a few who just feed a leeeeetle too Discretion good convo no drama into the gossip, Discretion good convo no drama in a couple of cases, this can easily morph into backstabbing.

It is hard to resist. It contributes to toxicity and is depressing to be around. Nothing makes bo bond faster than a common enemy.

This is such a wise comment — thankyou staranise. Yup, which is how I got accused by some classmates of having an inappropriate relationship with a TA in a summer Discretion good convo no drama abroad once.

Luckily, nobody in authority found out and we convi able to peaceably live out the term, but it could have had really serious ramifications.

I do understand why the person who spread the story felt such a need to fit in, but it still sucked to get caught up in. Information of this nature, when passed from person to person, tends drana turn into a big toxic game of telephone. An old but memorable example from my own life:. Z to her boyfriend who was also friends with me and T: I think Women in Lansing who give blowjobs is weird and unlikable based on what cinderkeys told me.

It took a couple of very Discretion good convo no drama, tense weeks Discreetion figure out why Z was mad goov me. Even when people are making a sincere effort to repeat the information accurately, they can get it wrong.

It upsets Discretion good convo no drama stomach. Many people find that easier to digest.