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Turner syndrome TS is a genetic condition found in females only. It affects about 1 in every 2, girls.

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Girls with Turner syndrome are usually shorter than their peers. The good news is that if TS is diagnosed while a girl is still growing, she can be treated with growth hormones to help her grow taller.

Early loss of ovarian function means that girls with TS also are infertile can't become pregnant. However, advances in medical technology, including hormonal therapy and in vitro fertilization, can help women with this condition. Girls with TS are all different.

Some may have many physical differences and symptoms, whereas others have only a few medical problems. With the right medical inn, early intervention, and ongoing support, a girl with Turner syndrome can lead a normal, healthy, and productive life.

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Usually, a person has 46 chromosomes in each cell, divided into 23 pairs, which iin two sex chromosomes. Half of the chromosomes are inherited from the father and the other half from the mother. The chromosomes contain genes, which determine an individual's characteristics, such as eye color and height.

Girls typically have two X chromosomes or XXbut girls with Turner syndrome have only one X chromosome or are missing part of one X chromosome. Turner syndrome is not caused by anything a girl's parents did or did not do.

The disorder is a random error in cell division that happens when a parent's reproductive cells are being formed. Often, their signs and symptoms ses milder than those of other girls with the X condition.

The condition Marcus-hook-PA looking for sex named for Dr. Henry Turner, an endocrinologist, who in noted a set of common physical features in some of his female patients. Most girls with IGrls syndrome who don't get treatment are shorter than their peers, with an average final adult height of 4 feet 7 inches.

Girls who have Turner syndrome don't have typical ovarian development.

Because the ovaries are responsible for making the hormones that control breast looklng and menstruation, most girls with TS will not go through all of the changes associated with puberty unless they get treatment for the condition. Nearly all girls will be infertile, or unable to become pregnant on their own.

Other health problems that may happen with TS include kidney problems, heart problems, high blood pressureobesitydiabetes mellitus, vision problems, thyroid problemsand abnormal bone development. Some girls with TS may have learning problems, particularly in math. Many also struggle with tasks requiring Gkrls skills, such as map reading or visual organization.

Some girls also Looking Real Sex Beaver Pennsylvania problems with body image or self-esteem. Girls with Turner syndrome are usually diagnosed either at birth or around the time they might be expected to go through puberty. If a Turnner girl has some of the signs of Turner syndrome, a doctor will usually order a special blood Girls looking for sex in Turner called a karyotype pronounced: The test counts the number of chromosomes and can identify any that are abnormally shaped or have missing pieces.

In some cases, there are no clear signs that a girl has the condition until she reaches the age at which she would normally go through puberty.

If the karyotype blood test shows that a girl has Turner syndrome, her doctor may order additional tests to check for problems with the kidneys, heart, hearing, and other problems that are often associated with Turner Turnerr. Because TS is a chromosomal disorder, there's no cure for the condition.

Turner Syndrome (for Parents) - KidsHealth

But a number of treatments can help:. Forr girls with Turner syndrome may have certain learning difficulties, most can attend regular school and classes, and usually:.

Article in Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy 33(3) ยท May with Reads . Clinical practice guidelines for the care of girls and women with Turner . Objective:The Phenotypical characteristics of women with Turner's Job JC, Laudier F. Three-year results of treatment with growth hormone alone or associated with oxandrolone, in girls with Turner Turner. Contracept Fertil Sex ; Not logged in Google [Search Crawler] () Advanced Search Care of Girls and Women with Turner Syndrome: A Guideline of the Turner Syndrome Study Group . Whether to diagnose individuals with sex chromosome structural abnormalities as having TS requires clinical judgment.

If you have Turner syndrome, you know that it can affect you in several ways. But it's only a small part of your total physical, emotional, and intellectual self. If you have a friend who has Turner syndrome, remember to respect her emotional and physical needs.

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For example, she may not always feel comfortable talking about her condition, so let her share only what she feels OK with. You can support your friend just by hanging out and doing things you enjoy together and by being a good listener im she turns to you for advice or comfort.