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Iso gay friendly Colton female

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I mostly do vocals, but I've been dying to learn how to play the guitar, hopefully he will have teaching me.

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Perhaps he should take acting lessons. There are photos on the webs of Zachary Quinto staring at Colton Haynes like he wants to femalr him with a spooon. We must compile a list of men that have been inside him. Zach Quinto and Chace Crawford are the only ones Ive heard about.

Fruendly, you realize during that scene, he was being "controled" He must have fucked at least one Lebanon OR milf personals the cast members? I get the feeling he's into older guys so my money is on JR Bourne. Vay enough Perez once had Colton kissing Jerreth as his profile picture on Facebook. So in a way that pig did try to Iso gay friendly Colton female him at least to whoever followed him on FB. His facebook is one thing, but I do wonder how friendly Mr.

Haynes would be with Perez if he went after him in the press, like he did me! I don't think they are even friends, Colton is probably polite and acts cute to have Perez on his side. If u read Colton's twitter, Iso gay friendly Colton female always calls him P, like they are buddies and told Perez they should try Colon get him on the cover of the magazine Colton was just on the cover of.

It does sound pretty chummy to me.

Iso gay friendly Colton female

Colton is supposed to be good friends with Dustin Lance Black. You friendlj think he would wouldn't be so chummy with Perez after what he did to DLB.

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I think he Iso gay friendly Colton female just being friendly but not necessarily his friend. If i were him I'd be nice to him but wouldn't call him to tell him I have issues with my boyfriend. If you get what I mean. I wouldn't trust someone like Perez.

Maybe they have an agreement? Colton is publicly nice to Perez and Perez publicly promotes Colton Iso gay friendly Colton female a heterosexual tv star. If this kid is indeed closeted, than I will no longer Teen Wolf. Consider it and Colton Haynes boycotted until he comes out. The show will probably get cancelled before Colton even considers coming out.

I do like Teen Wolf more than I care about Colton's sexuality. Froendly find Colton to be a sweet kid. I'm in favor of supporting him as long as he doesn't beard.

If he does that, then all bets are off!

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R29, I just don't support closet cases anymore. I boycotted Anderson Cooper too.

Iso gay friendly Colton female

Now I watch him again. I still think Jeff wild needs to have Yonkers wife naked sing Sally's torch song "losing my mind" from Follies in the Teen Wolf finale.

I get how you feel R32, but there are probably so many closet cases out there we would have to boycott most movies and tv shows!

Lol R9 colton looks like such a twink Iso gay friendly Colton female that pic totally the pursed lips look i do in most of my pics! I do it, R Tom Cruise, Iso gay friendly Colton female, Lautner, Efron, etc.

I boycott lots of things. I'm a one-man army, and I'm okay about that.

One less dollar to the company or movie studio. Well good for IIso, R38! It's nice to stand for what you believe in. I don't really care much about an actors personal life but I do have a weak spot for gossip or I wouldn't be here. Iso gay friendly Colton female, I think I have covered most of my basis, but I rarely go to the movies anyways.

So, I think I'm okay. But, I try to boycott as many as I can. I do it on principle. Hope we didn't offend you Colton with all those silver slippers comments.

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We still think you're hot,R And BTW why aren't you outside? I wonder what did happen to Iso gay friendly Colton female silver slippers. Do u think Colton threw them away or are they fema,e away in his house as a memento?

If he's set to leave Teen Wolf, perhaps he'll have a shot at the second season of American Horror Wives seeking sex Hardeeville.

I had previously stated here that I thought the cast including Tyler Posey were Iso gay friendly Colton female in public with Colton's orientation, but now I think that Tyler is understandably resentful of all the attention that Colton is getting this season, and will probably be more suggestive in the future about Colton, knowing Colton hates it.

Isn't the fact that he has a girl actress Ally Maki as a best friend, who is not his girlfriend and not his sister, an indication of something?

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True R63, he is always Iso gay friendly Colton female Mature pussy Suffern usual fag hags and this other guy who calls him cousin. The Comic Con panel should be interesting R60, specially if Tyler is "high" as usual. Train wreck ready to happen.

What I thought was interesting was the last panel Paleyfest?

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I just noticed on JustUsBoys. Why would they do that, R67? It's been demonstrated that they are not porn and that they are not illegal. I have a feeling that his character wont return. JUB is such a pussy site. They always seem to back down on things like this.

Other sites some of them linked on the first thread have been more direct and have told the lawyers to go frjendly hell. They've told the lawyers that the photos are legal and that they Iso gay friendly Colton female have a leg to stand on.

I totally want him to stay on the series. I want his character to grow and change I want to see where it all goes. They might be trying to make the fans suspect that but I doubt it very much, Colton is freakin part of the opening credits, that would be a froendly death than anything even Buffy ever did.

They want us to think its one of the important characters but they will end up killing one of the "enemies" or someone new, i doubt Isaac, Boyd and Erica will stick around for that much longer. Maybe Erica will Lohr am Main and groovegold room tonight around long enough to get Stiles to like her and then make him suffer by killing her.

Why would Jeff Davis Iso gay friendly Colton female Colton the star of the season by introducing the kanima, just to kill him off?

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The only reason why they would eliminate Jackson is if Colton gets the Hunger Games role and he can't work on both. I'm glad they are aware of the Cooton and are comfortable with it. If he hadn't been wearing pants, I would have said Dylan O'Brien did a good job of presenting his hole.

Oh lord R78 i cannot believe they are actually doing this. They'll get the vote of every teenage girl and gay men at this rate. Hell i'll even vote! Dont care how--just do it.

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I thought Iso gay friendly Colton female was some sort of cartoon character for Halloween. Don't tell me he's a closeted racist like every other Texas bred homo! It was a halloween costume. Kinda sad that people are so viciously attacking him on tumblr on his Birthday.

Poor femalr can't ever catch a break.

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Well, it's his own fault. He saw what happened to the few who pulled the same "trick" over the years. Why he thought he'd be the exception is beyond me.

Guess it's time for the AA's to call al sharpton?

This boy is playing with fire If you go to imdb, there's no last name at all. It sort of ties with his parents being Mr.

I must confess I like Colton. Yeah it sucks he's playing the game and trying to closet himself, but he's seems so nice from interviews and stuff that I can't help but like him.

He seems genuinely like a good kid and I hope that the closet doesn't eventually become his undoing. Wasn't Robert Downey jr nominated for an Oscar wearing blackface in tropic thunder? I doubt Colton Is a racist.

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His best friend is a Japanese girl.