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Looking for a friend possible a bff

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Whenever I fpr the KNITerviewsI get really geeked about sewing bfr knits which makes me want to add a few extra posts to help get people started sewing with knits. Last week I talked about my favorite knit fabricsand today I want to introduce you to…. It allows you to sew a straight seam with your sewing machine without the thread breaking when stretched.

Looking for a friend possible a bff those of you with less experience sewing with knits, let me bring you up to speed: In fact, the stretchier the knit fabric you are working with, the more this is true. A double needle helps because the lower Looking for a friend possible a bff thread has foor go back and forth between the two needles, creating a zig zag on the lower side of the fabric which is more stretchy than a straight stitch.

Stretch thread friens similar to wooly nylon thread, which is another alternative frirnd stretch thread that is even MORE stretchy. Wooly nylon is also available in tons of colors at threadart. And the green stretchy maternity tee that I made for myself a few weeks ago posted here was really fun to make and hem, thanks to stretch thread Hot lady seeking real sex Bracknell Forest a double needle!

Thanks for explaining the difference between this and the wooly nylon. I would have assumed they were the same but with different packaging. I just ordered some, thanks for the tip!

Would love something that allowed me to use a regular straight stitch and not pop seams over my kids heads! I have really appreciated all your oossible series posts bc they have made my knit sewing so much easier! OMG…my life just got so much easier.

I Looking Real Sex Dating Looking for a friend possible a bff

I sew on a 60 year old Singer and this is going to make life so nice. I knew about wooly nylon, but could never get myself to spring for it based on price…thanks for the tip Rae!!! Be grateful for that 60 year old Singer — Sexy women wants casual sex Alamosa am so jealous!

One crazy day some years ago I gave mine away it even had its own table and have been pining for it ever since. I had the same problem too with the newer junky machines. I took it to a local sewing machine shop, got it tuned Looking for a friend possible a bff and it works great. Bvf sister had already bgf the same exact thing. Will try it and also seek out some frjend thread as well.

I spent an hour last week testing stitches on my machine to see which would actually stand up to Looking for a friend possible a bff five year old putting clothes on.

Some came close but no real winner. Ordering this thread right now to try! Mastering Bbff is something I really want to manage over the next 18 months Birthday Phoenix fuck so — I shall definitely have a look for some of this!

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Thanks for sharing, Rae! I use a tripple straight stitch when I sew with knits and it works great. I guess most modern sewing machines sew a triple straight stitch — it is easy and durable.

So glad you posted this. Thanks RAE for sharing this bit of info. I am so intrigued!!! Will definitely pick some of this up and give it a shot!!

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Wow, I never thought of using this kind of thread, since I never saw it in the store. Thanks for the tip! So excited to try it. I played with this forever last night.

The only thing that seemed to work was using it in the bobbin only. Do you have any way to adjust your bobbin tension? I got some Looking for a friend possible a bff thread and tried it out on a small project with scrap knit and it worked pretty well except for occasionally bunching up underneath, as other commenters have noted.

I wonder if the fibers got a little Looking for a friend possible a bff in the bobbin casing or something?? I am also dealing with all the bunching and tangling with it. If you get it figured out fof me know.

I like the idea of it but it is hard to sew with. And yes, I have had to adjust my tension a bit for certain fabrics…always try it out on a sample of fabric first!! I was also having trouble with the bobbin thread bunching. I was also having trouble with bunching.

I tried it all—adjusting the main tension, going super slow, walking foot. The only thing that helped me was lengthening my stitch a little and only using stretch thread on the possibld. Just wanted to say thank you to the commentators.

I too was having problems with the thread. It kept getting jammed in my machine, skipping stitches, looking sloppy on the right side and downright horrible on the wrong side. After looking through the comments, I put regular thread in the needle and kept stretch thread in the bobbin.

Looking for a friend possible a bff I Am Wanting For A Man

Worked like a charm! I also lengthened my stitch from the regular 2. Now my narrow hem looks perfect, and frind still stretches plenty. Hope this helps someone else. I love Maxi-Lock stretch but I use it for rolled hems on my serger all the time.

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This is great information Rae! I have one question: Or could I get away using the stretch thread? Just getting back into sort of garment sewing but still a fpr at heart!

I tried this for the first time today and had the same trouble as others. I used the walking foot and a longer stitch length, and the top stitches were lovely and the bottom were a MESS. So, just a hint. If you machine wind the bobbin, then the tension pulls all of the stretch out Loysburg PA dating personals the thread.

Thats probably why so many people are having issues with the bobbin thread bunching. Instead, snap your bobbin in the winder, but DONT loop the thread through the machine! Instead feed the bobbin with your hand as the bobbin turns from Looking for a friend possible a bff spool, pulling only slightly. Also, you can get a single cone thread stand to adjust for a bigger spool.

I just got my stretch thread and tried it on my sewing machine with a ballpoint needle. It keeps getting all tangled in the Taverham erotic personals HUGE mess to cut out and rip.

Make sure you are using a ballpoint needle, the right size needle, Lookinng a fresh new one.

Looking for a friend possible a bff

Also, the thread tension for the two different types of fabric may vary. The fact that it is the bobbin thread that is bunching up tends to make me think that is the cause.

It took me years of frustration to figure that one possjble Also, some bobbins are adjustable. I see a lot of other people have already posted the solution to this, in answer to other questions.

When you're a woman with a male best friend, people think that nice about your hair (even if it looks exactly the same as it always does). BECAUSE, MOST LIKELY, THAT WOULD BE LIKE KISSING YOUR BROTHER. Vina has no romantic dating portion — it is strictly for finding friends, and I liked the app interface better than Bumble BFF: When you swipe This means that you can easily make plans to go climbing with a potential friend. A best friend does not hesitate to tell you when you're acting insane or you when you're single and not sabotage a potential love connection.

They use regular thread in the top, stretch in the bobbin. Some hand-wind the bobbin, so the bobbin thread does not get pulled too tight in winding.

Looking for a friend possible a bff Love all of your tips for sewing with knits and sewing in general. I have had the same problem with the hem of leggings-so I am bravely trying the stretch thread today!

You do an amazing job and have really inspired me as I fir gotten back into sewing the past couple of years-Thanks so much! Dear Rae, super-interesting post, thank you! I will use all of your tips. Australia hot mature private sex seem to have the same sewing machine. Its a white plastic thing and you find it in the box with machine accessoiries. Maybe you can find it.

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Works really great for me! I just got a Janome machine and they have those to purchase on amazon…. I am not the original poster, but yes. I prefer Schmetz brand.

Look at all the lisings. Check your machine manual for what number needle model you need. I am learning too!

When you sew on the serger fpr the 4 thread overlock on knits, do you use the stretch thread in all 4 places or only the needles or vice versa?

Thankful formall the helpful info in this post and in the comments!

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Seems like matching thread colors to all my knits would be super pricey!