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Technical Support for Network Issues. Unofficial Linux Client Newer.

Unofficial Linux Client Older. Fluff Was hoping for master seeks help Krillson Got this instead imgur.

Honestly, almost every one of my threads goes into the negatives INSTANTLY after posting, then within a couple hours will actually see positive rating and sometimes even hit front page etc.

I'm sure there's just bots or some REAL salty fuckers down there in new just dumpstering virtually everything on sight. Twitch meme clips are largely unaffected Master seeks sub people expect it to be Master seeks sub when it happens and go to reddit to post it themselves or upvote it, for everything else it's a hard bump.

Yeah Marsala hot housewives of comments and threads get downvoted constantly here.

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Doesnt seem to matter what ya post or where on the sub Matser pretty normal to get a downvote or 2 before seeing much up. I got two persons who told me they downvote my stuff. That's hilarious that people would Personal sex ads 85072 Master seeks sub upset with you they make it a life goal of themselves to keep tabs on everything you post and make sure they downvote it.

Master seeks submissive female: Master looking for Sub:

Mater Actually that's not hilarious at all, it's just sad. All you have to do is look at any of the giveaway posts to see how bad this subreddit is.

Msster of them get downvoted quite a lot to the point where I've seen some at 0, yet they all had at least Master seeks sub. Really makes me dislike this reddit community. It's probably because some people use the "hide threads i've downvoted" feature can't remember if that's RES exclusive or not so downvoting effectively hides a thread.

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I think people forget that you can use a setting to hide threads you've downvoted. My guess is some people use this as an easy Master seeks sub to hide seels a tiny bit faster than clicking the hide button without worrying about the downvote.

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I've seen this same complaint Master seeks sub a handful of very fast downvotes in many subs. Nah, you resumed alot of subreddits. Like the Lycosidae video the guy made, and it got alot of downvotes before people actually reaching it and upvoting for visibility.

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And Master seeks sub, I did 2 topics about bots on this sub Master seeks sub already, both got downvoted to hell because "the game is too complex for a bot", even with blatant videos of leveling bots or Mastsr bots.

No one is claiming the bots are farming uber elder. The same people that don't want the "bots" topic to be somewhat "visible" in the community.

What do you think, a bot can Master seeks sub be coded to farm Uber elder if it uses that invincble spam build that uses the Super Regen flask thing? Then it picks up any uniques, dumps them in a quad tab, and continues for any fragments you give it? Who cares for upvotes or downvotes?

Mastwr Post what you need to post, comment or like wherever relevant, let the trolls and clowns do what they do. And personally, Master seeks sub hate this "karma points" thing. Yeah, on preferences you can set it for topics or comments.

For some reason my reddit shows me things in portuguese even with english as default language lul. Master seeks sub, it's true there aren't a lot of other good offhand options.

Fuck Keswick Island Mill

But you'd think scaling flat ele with abyssal jewels on a 1. I'm sedks he has massive steel rings, and a well-rolled amulet. He usually only plays one character per league, and it's usually "sufficient" Master seeks sub do Shaper quickly, without dying, and while reading chat.

Wants Dick

Remember, this is BF we're talking about - it ain't rocket science. Loooooooots of added phys.

How long it takes to get so many feathers? Did you buy them all or Master seeks sub insane mode for farming? Farmed 3 days just mud flats and nothing, 4th day found 1 and second in less than 2h I am right handed, mouse on the left side.

Never occured to me it could be "wrong". Master seeks sub way more Female fuck in Dalton this way around and you've the strong hand for the "detail work" on the keyboard, so i can't fathom why you would put the mouse in the right hand.

You would have the total right to dictate my avatar's appearance Master seeks sub color, skin color, makeupshape breasts, waist size, ass, height, weightand outfit including corsets, heels, stockings, etc. If you want me to have SL sex with your friends or other people, I will gladly submit to your will.

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