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Hispanic women who are 50 years of age and older have been shown to be at Mature woman for younger latinos risk of acquiring HIV infection due to age and culturally related issues. The purpose of our study was to investigate factors that increase HIV risk among older Hispanic women OHW as a basis for development or adaptation of an age and culturally tailored intervention designed to prevent HIV-related risk behaviors.

We used a qualitative descriptive approach. Five focus groups were conducted in Miami, FL, with 50 participants. Focus group discussions centered around 8 Please no bull ishh in adult chat lines themes: Older women, particularly Hispanic women ages 50 Mature woman for younger latinos and older, are at a high risk for HIV infection, despite being the least studied minority group in the United States with regard to health and social practices or sexual behaviors.

In the face of such staggering statistics that clearly reflect a drastic increase in HIV infection among OHW, we believe there is a demanding need to better understand and address the factors qoman may be placing this population at increased risk in order to confront the existing health disparity. The number of HIV cases in older women is expected to continue to increase as women live longer and continue to engage in sexual activity Lindau et al.

Along with general factors that increase the vulnerability of older women to HIV, a number of specific cultural factors place OHW at particularly high risk for HIV; these factors have not often been addressed in the literature, including a intimate Mature woman for younger latinos violence IPV; e.

Mature woman for younger latinos to Mouton and colleaguespostmenopausal women are exposed to abuse at similar rates as younger women.

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Abuse poses a serious threat to the health of older women Mature woman for younger latinos is associated with premature morbidity and mortality. Verbal, physical, or sexual IPV are areas that health care providers may not assess or ask older women to discuss Bonomi et al.

Furthermore, older women may be reluctant to disclose IPV to other people including health care providers. It also has been documented that victims of IPV reported higher frequencies of HIV risk factors than their non-abused counterparts. Women ages 50 and older are more vulnerable to HIV due to normal, age-related biological changes such Mature woman for younger latinos decreasing levels of estrogen that lead to a reduced production of vaginal I want to eat some of that black pussy and vaginal tissue thinning.

These changes increase the risk for vaginal tearing and trauma during intercourse Savasta, In addition, the Agenda for Research on Women's Health for the 21st Century Office of Research on Women's Health [OWH], reported that as people age, the immune system naturally weakens resulting in an increased likelihood of contracting infectious diseases e.

Cultural factors are believed to be some of the largest contributors to the rapid increase of HIV among Hispanic women Peragallo et Mature woman for younger latinos. Although Hispanic groups are diverse, shared Hispanic cultural norms e.

Mature woman for younger latinos

Marianismo encourages women to be sexually passive and submissive, accepting male partners' decisions on all sexual matters. The expectation Wife want hot sex AL Hazel green 35750 men will have multiple partners increases the chances that women may doman at risk of acquiring HIV due to their partners' sexual activities Cianelli et al. When an older woman finds herself back on ,atinos dating scene, she is often unaware of the sexual Mature woman for younger latinos and will typically perceive herself as at low risk for acquiring HIV Auerbach, Many sexually active older women are at increased risk of acquiring HIV due to their male partners' behaviors youunger.

The common misperception that older people do not have sex has lead health care providers to view this population as being at low risk for HIV infection. Clinicians are, therefore, less likely to test older people for HIV and are more likely to diagnose older adults at a later Matude infection stage Savasta, We felt this information was needed to develop or adapt an age Mature woman for younger latinos culturally tailored intervention to prevent HIV risk behaviors.

A mixed methods design including collection of both qualitative and quantitative data was used for our study. This paper reports on the qualitative findings.

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A qualitative descriptive approach using latinow groups was used as the Lady looking nsa Arvilla to elicit information.

A qualitative descriptive method is the approach of choice when descriptions of the phenomena are latinoe directly from the source and when the researchers want to stay closer to the data and to the meanings participants give to their experiences. Language provides the vehicle of communication as interpretive structure that must be read Sandelowski, We chose focus groups to gather information about shared norms, values, and experiences of a specific, relatively homogeneous group. The researchers obtained information from guided group discussions with participants to disclose aspects of the Mature woman for younger latinos that were less accessible in other research methods.

These services include health education, public assistance application, emergency food program, refugee and senior citizens program, legal and job assistance, and development programs. In katinos, this setting has been used in previous studies with OHW. The site liaison, in conjunction with the study team, assisted in recruitment activities.

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Potential participants were approached and given a brief description of the Married looking for sex Central African Republic to determine their interest in participation.

If a woman was interested, the site liaison asked permission to provide her name and telephone number to yoynger study staff member. In addition, the research team placed fliers at popular gathering spots for Hispanic persons in the community e. Women who read the fliers and were interested in the study called a toll-free study telephone number. Study staff members contacted potential participants to further describe the study and determine eligibility.

If a potential participant was interested and met inclusion Mature woman for younger latinos, an appointment to obtain consent was made. After informed consent was obtained, an assessment was completed, and focus groups were scheduled. Mature woman for younger latinos be eligible for this study, women had to a self-identify as Hispanic, b be 50 years of age or older, c live in Miami Dade County, FL, d be or have been sexually active Mature woman for younger latinos the previous year, e be able to read in English or Spanish, and f be willing to participate in our study.

The institutional review board IRB from the University of Miami approved the study prior to commencement of data collection. We conducted five focus groups with a total of 50 participants i. Both the PI and co-investigator were fr and had experience in running focus groups.

All groups were conducted in Spanish in accordance with participants' preferences.

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Before each focus group, refreshments were provided that allowed time for the participants to speak informally with the facilitators.

At the beginning of each focus group, the facilitator read the consent form to participants, lahinos them to follow along with the reading, and requested that they ask any questions they had prior to the commencement of latinoe focus group.

Once participants agreed to participate, Mature woman for younger latinos facilitator asked them to sign the consent form. The facilitator conducted the focus groups using a discussion guide.

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Mature woman for younger latinos The questions chosen to guide the discussion were based on literature review and the expert opinion of women's health and HIV specialists. Do you know if HIV is affecting Hispanic women who are 50 years of Mature woman for younger latinos and older in your community?

What do you know about older women having younger sexual partners? What can you tell me about your experience related to sex Women want sex Clatskanie menopause? What can you tell me about symptoms that you have experienced during menopause? Probes were used to stimulate discussion among the group participants.

The focus groups lasted between 60 and 90 minutes, and they were recorded using digital technology to assure clarity of responses and to facilitate accuracy of transcriptions. Saturation was used to determine the sample size for the qualitative portion of the study.

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At the point when no new data were emerging from the focus group discussions, we deemed the topic to be saturated, indicating that the limits of the phenomena had been covered, at which point the focus groups were terminated. To accurately describe the phenomena under study, saturation of data in our project was achieved with five focus groups with a total of 50 participants. We took extra precautions to ensure that transcribed data were accurate across the language variations as well as to ensure the privacy of our participants.

The PI of the study listened to the focus group tapes and reviewed transcriptions for accuracy. Audio recordings were transcribed verbatim in Spanish and English for content analysis by a transcription and translation service. We were careful not to include any identifying information in the transcriptions. The research staff meticulously reviewed the transcriptions to verify that there were no discrepancies between the Spanish and English versions. Data Seeking good karma soul who enjoys reflexology stored in a locked area for research files and the digital files were saved in password-protected computers.

We used content analysis to identify and define the major themes that emerged from the focus groups. Content analysis is a Mature woman for younger latinos used to recognize, code, and categorize patterns from text data Sandelowski, In order to transcribe the data, we had three coders read the transcripts and code them line-by-line. Two of the transcribers were bilingual in Spanish and English, and one was English speaking. Based on a literature review of experiences of working with older women, broad Mature woman for younger latinos were defined for the purpose of coding.

Mature woman for younger latinos

A codebook and a coding sheet were developed to facilitate the coding process. Each of the three coders coded each line independently from the other coders. Final themes were decided through consensus among the research team members.

The participant's Mature woman for younger latinos age was The mean number of the years living in the United States was All of the participants had more than 12 years of education. Major sources of income in decreasing Mature woman for younger latinos were Social Security and other government assistance, partners or husbands, remunerated jobs, and families and friends note: The theme of IPV contained ideas, feelings, and experiences women may encounter in relation to the experience of violence with partners and that may increase women's risks of acquiring HIV.

More specifically, we assessed our participants' willingness to discuss or disclose experiences of IPV as well as their desires for education on IPV prevention.

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The focus groups had specific segments designed to address IPV, initially with indirect questions. At no point did conversation about IPV occur spontaneously. Even when direct questions were asked about IPV, only a few participants responded, and most of the responses were vague and indirect.

It was evident that, despite our coaxing, the participants did not want to talk about past events. However, they did provide Mature woman for younger latinos statements indicating that they would not accept violence from a partner at this stage in their lives. Well, my blessing was coming to this country Mature woman for younger latinos because here, nobody can humiliate or beat you, nobody can … Do you understand?

It is very good, and I wish the father of my children had been in this country so he would be in jail all his life. A majority of participants gave negative responses when the facilitator asked if they would like to learn more about IPV should it occur in the future. Sex Dating Bon Air example, one participant said.

That [education] is good because we can teach women, that may help our children, our family … Matude we can learn is never in excess … everything is welcome, and we can give advice to others that is Mature woman for younger latinos. Not my case, but you can always help. In the case of a friend or something. The theme of perimenopausal-postmenopausal related biological changes included vaginal dryness as a factor that can lead to vaginal tearing, thereby placing older women at higher risk for contracting HIV during unprotected sexual intercourse.

In our study, we found that the majority of the participants mentioned vaginal dryness as a serious problem they encountered that had negative effects on their sexual lives due to painful intercourse. In an attempt to overcome this problem, participants reported using different things e. One of the most important things is the Mature woman for younger latinos of vaginal lubrication.

Thus, we look for formulas, such as the gel we are prescribed, or the one we buy at the shop … and we solve that part, which is one of the hardest, because sex sometimes becomes painful instead of satisfying. Several women wpman that they used saliva i. The third theme presented was cultural factors that interfere with HIV prevention.

Two factors specifically relate to Hispanic culture that interfere with HIV Casual Hook Ups Andrews Indiana 46702 The subtheme of machismo included the perceptions, opinions, ideas, and feelings that women have about men with relation to HIV transmission Mature woman for younger latinos acquisition among older women.

Specific subthemes discussed during the focus groups that related to machismo were male partner infidelity with younger partners and latimos use of drugs for erectile dysfunction or penis pumps.

I Wanting Nsa Mature woman for younger latinos

Participants said that they sometimes considered men's infidelities to be expected, and they Women want nsa Linden Alabama forgave their husbands after their husbands had an affair.

Moreover, there were times that older women still blamed themselves for their partner's katinos. When the scientists examined the DNA from blood-which reveals the health of a person's immune system - they were struck latihos differences linked to ethnicity. In particular, the scientists noticed that, after accounting for differences in cell composition, the blood of Latinos Mature woman for younger latinos the Tsimane aged more slowly than other groups.

I Searching Real Dating Mature woman for younger latinos

womxn The Tsimane aged even more slowly than Latinos. The biological clock calculated the age of their blood as two years younger than Latinos and four years younger than Caucasians. The finding reflects the group's minimal signs of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity or clogged arteries. In another finding, the researchers learned Mature woman for younger latinos men's blood and brain tissue ages faster than women's from the same ethnic groups.

The discovery could explain why women have a higher life expectancy than men. Horvath and his colleagues next plan to study the aging rate of other human tissues and to identify the molecular mechanism that protects Latinos from aging. Latinos age Mature woman for younger latinos than any other ethnicity, a study has found. Share this article Share. Latino women are 2. Share or comment on this article: Latinos DO age slower than anyone else - and their genes 'hold the key' e-mail 17k.

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