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Want to go out with a bang I Am Wants For A Man

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Want to go out with a bang

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I work a full time job that consumes the majority of my time cause i love what i do, and to keep it a successful enviroment I will do what ever it takes. Rocky Want to go out with a bang and drinking m4w im going to watch rocky horror and have some drinks. If you are just looking for a new gal-pal to go out and do stuff with, feel free to reply. Eventually if we find a connection, I would be open to the idea of meeting up.

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Want to go out with a bang

I am not bxng nor am I sad as I write this. I have many thoughts. I have this longing to be able to express and share my thoughts with another human without having them draw back in fear, or for judgmental, yet pitiful eyes to look back into mine.

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But people fear such thoughts, and I do too sometimes. If there is one thing that I do think about and am certain of Maybe it will be tomorrow, in another 5 years, or maybe another 40 years. It tp matter where or when, but how. It may seem like a childish wish, but I want to die a hero's death.

Want to go out with a bang I Am Want Dick

I do not want to leave the earth as a coward, or in pain. I have a fear that in another 40 years, I will be wilting away in a cheap, dimly-lit, bare apartment with only the television as company. Sitting in a rocking chair, wondering where my life went. Agonizing that I had spent so Wxnt time and accomplished so little. Oh how fast time flies by.

Why didn't I enjoy every minute? If there is one thing in life ho cannot be bought, it is time. I am scared of pain, and I cannot Discreet sex Salvador What I have right now going for me, is my youth.

That feeling that "You still have a long way to go.

When I went to visit her, there was something different. She has short light brown hair, and the biggest bluest eyes that you will ever see. Even the thick glasses that she wears is not enough to hide the vividness of her eyes.

When I think of her, I think of such a polite and happy person. But this Saturday, she was distant I tried my best to make her smile, but couldn't. I just wanted to reach out to her and tell Want to go out with a bang that everything will be okay. But I know it wouldn't have helped. If there is anything that I am happy for, it is that she has witg loving husband and wth sons to look over her. She is loved by her grandchildren and her daughter-in-laws.

I hope that she is loved, anyway, because she deserves wtih bit of love she gets. I feel sad for her. Such a beautiful person. Another visitor came over to tell that she had cried just this morning.

In a way, he was happy for her to finally be at peace soon, as she suffered so much and there wasn't a moment where she was without pain.

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Badjedidude Abyssus Abyssum Invocat. I would also like to go out with a bang. Call me crazy, but I'd rather die being hit by a truck than die in my sleep. I mean, what kind of person wants to go to sleep, thinking they might wake up the next day, and then NOT wake up? I want to be conscious and aware of Want to go out with a bang death as I'm dying.

That way, when you judge them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. A bad Jedi dude Combs the forums endlessly Master spam spotter minty There are 10 types of people. Those who understand binary and those who don't. Luna You're on the right track.

Whatever floats your boat. I used to have the same mentallity and in a way I still do. I lived a very not so comformed life style and it wasn't in alignment of some poeple's morals or values.

Never the less Too had a lot of fun and good memories and I paid the price.

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It wasn't all good woth it wasn't all bad. I got clean and sober becuase I like it a lot of banging However getting clean and sober wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Let’s Go Out With a Bang - New Kids On The Block -

Witth was a different path I decided to make in my persuit of happiness. What I'm saying is I already had the answers within me.

I didn't need to work the 12 steps to graps it. Though working the steps helped me in someways Ultimately the message is still the same to me.

Life is ment to be lived. Live, love,do whatever makes you happy or turns you on. I'm a head banger to begin with anywho Though Jennie's death ripped me to pieces and cuased pains. It also brought with it a lot of cold hard truth. She was young and beautiful with so much going gl her and she wanted to share her love and with me.

We're not going to be here forever and be able to enjoy what this life has to offer us forever. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to share a part of my life with her while she was here. I'm also grateful for the love I have in my life now. As a awaken everyday Am Meet locally for Knoxville going to be sad Want to go out with a bang or am I going to be happy today?

It's about as simple as this.

I'm not the smartest guy on this planet but it dosnt take a rocket scientist to figure this out. There's positive thinking and negative thinking The correct chioce for me is I choose to be happy today. I said the exact same thing years ago! I agree with the sentiments of others.

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I don't want a sad or painful death nor do I want to die in a unexpected way Want to go out with a bang such as dieing in my sleep. I don't want to live to such a bng old age knowing that today could be my very last day of my life. I don't want bring suicide into this, but I've often thought about suicide and the only way I would ever want to die is by shooting myself because it's quick and painless and you're dead instantly.

Okay crazy I think a few hundred pounds of explosives would be a nice way to go. Enough to totally vaporize a person. Don't even need a squeegee.

No idea what kind of person I am, but I'd rather die in my sleep instead of outt crush by some douchebag on a truck Want to go out with a bang he doesn't know how to drive. Totally want to get hit by a truck instead of dying in my sleep. Strangers always seem to Nude Oregon girls sympathy for people that die and make the news.

I want people to shake their heads and possibly ruin the life of the truck driver. LOL I guess I always imagined that if I ended up smeared on wwith highway, they'd just hose me off or something XD haha Oh, and explosives!

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