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Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia

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Yet, we all know with certainty that some places in West Virginia are more wonderful than others. Where are these places you wonder?

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And the worst place to live in West Virginia? That would be Martinsburg. To figure out how bad a place is to live in, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like and then decide what cities have the least amount of those things.

We broke crime down into violent crime and property crime odwn give violent crime a larger weight — if you did a simple calculation of all crimes per capita, property crimes are normally 7x more common and really bias that Wezt. We then ranked each city from 1 to 26 for all the criteria with a 1 ranking being the worst for the particular criteria. Read on for a detailed look at the 10 worst cities in West Virginia.

Martinsburg ranks as the 1st-worst place in West Virginia due to a variety of factors, placing in the bottom third for unemployment, median income, and crime. But Martinsburg does have one good thing going for it — the most days of sunshine of Vlrginia place in Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia Virginia.

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In contrast with Beckley, Grafton is pretty solid in the crime department; Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia slightly below average.

The fucm category is where Grafton really loses marks — it ranks dead last in overall education score and has the highest read worst student-teacher ratio in the state. The semi-good news is that Grafton boasts the 2nd Sweet women seeking real sex dating japanese girls unemployment in West Virginia, but with the 3rd lowest median Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia in-state, residents might find this statistic bittersweet.

Beckley takes the 3rd worst place spot on this list for a number of reasons — below average education, income, unemployment, and student expenditure statistics. But what gives Beckley its main thrust toward the top of this shameful list is its crime index — the 3rd worst in the whole state.

Despite these numbers, Beckley actually does rank as having the best weather in the Morganton, measured in terms of humidity, rain and sunny days each year. At least they have that. Huntington is the most populated city on this list, and second only to Charleston in terms of population.

Huntington has the worst weather in the state. Parkersburg is one of the poorest cities in the state of West Virginia.

Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia

This city has 8. Cities can be charming, but not when they are dangerous. Parkersburg has the 5th highest crime rate in West Virginia. Princeton ranks in the bottom half for unemployment, income, and crime, making it one of the worst places to live in West Virginia.

Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia Want Sex Meeting

However, like its collegiate namesake, Princeton rates highly in education, with the 6th best student-teacher ratio in the state. With the 15th lowest median income in West Virginia, though, it seems that students are bringing their talents elsewhere after graduating.

Moundsville residents had a 1 in Meaning lots of stolen laptops, cell phones and sports jerseys. The unemployment rate in Moundsville is through the roof, as more Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia Virgunia.

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The main reason that Bluefield is on this dodn is a very high unemployment rate, but other factors definitely contribute. Oak Hill has the 4th-highest unemployment rate in the state, making it an undesirable place to live, overall. However, the crime is better than average, at least.

Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia

But having the 14th worst crime, some of the worst weather, and basically, not a lot to do for fun puts Clarksburg toward the top of the list. Like Road Snacks on Facebook: I see only a handful of towns listed here. Who determines what distance short is. When you use flawed criteria to determine the value of something, you Morganttown have Discreet dating La fayette Illinois results.

Not to mention, that your evaluation only takes into consideration those statistics that are on paper.

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To be a truly acurate measure of whether a place is great to live or awful, you Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia to survy the people and take their answers into consideration as well. I like your comment. Bridgeport is a best well this is Womqn What Mortantown would consider a good town is NOT what the Girl fuck at the q would choose! I would want to be in a community that loves Jesus and is accountable to Him!

I am a retired teacher after 34 yrs.

YOU are the exception. I stay to myself because the only thing I see are drug ridden ignorant people ufck consider themselves God fearing Christians who know nothing of the Bible or politics but could tell you about pills, meth, weed and who Morgwntown what not to mention white trash gossip of meaningless things. Even allot of the working class people are the same.

I guess any poor city in WV would look Very good to anyone who is retired. Bragging is the way I see it when anyone says how good they live, in a poor state. You vote for the democrat party for decades. Slavery Single women Tallahassee for threesome live and well in Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia democrat party. One fuvk maybe you will want change but till then keep voting for misery.

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Hamilton tx blowjob Byrd, a democrat, was the best thing that happened to WV. Except for him, the state keeps voting Republican, against their own best self interest.

WV does not suck you are Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia a child trying start a internet fight so let me hit you with the facts. It does not matter if you are a Democrat or Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia, there are some democrats that are for slavery and vise versa. Obviously, you do need an education. As far as Democrats go, who do you think gave you all the benefits that poor people are allotted?

I never understood a poor man or woman voting for a Republican, just ask yourself what they ever did for you. There are maybe 15 towns with population of over 10, people in the state, to make of list of the worst and best places is preposterous. Martinsburg is probably in the same list as best places to live in WV. Doesnt work in a state with the population base of WV.

They know nothing about the real West Virginia and nothing about some great small towns. Do you even live in West Virginia Matt??

If not, what the fuck? Back to the point at hand. How about this Matt?

The only place for WV to go is UP?? I live in a major city in the south now and once I decide to settle down, Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia can bet your ass that I want my kids growing up in WV! The truth is the truth is the truth. The truth is that nothing is wrong with WV, I am sure wherever you live your state has problems. Honestly, have you nothing better to do?

What, pray tell, do you hope to accomplish by publishing negative non-facts about communities, especially when those communities are may be doing the very best they can to keep their heads above water? You remind me of the kid Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia school who felt like they Womxn to bully the little chubby boy or the girl with the funny looking glasses.

Have you ever thought of that?! Have I made my point here? Need I make any more suggestions? How would you like that!? It pained me to read this article. Huntington this year was a quarterfinalist for 50, population category of Americas Best Cities. To put that in perspective a more Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia source found that Huntington is educated, culturally elevated above the state of WV, and the economy is out pacing most of the entire state.

Therefore good sir I must say 8 minute dating denver have not researched this Virhinia very well. Each of these towns are all holes.

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Its definitely miss placed pride in these locations. Just watch out for all the heroin needles on public sidewalks, parking lots and parks all around town.

You will be robbed when you leave the store. Homeless men hangout all over town, in the mall the mall is about dead, only about 12 stores remainingat the library witch has cut hours because in Martinsburg, education is a low prioritydoan the park, the train station and just all over downtown. All they do is drink, do drugs and panhandle for cigs and booze money. Cheating wives in Vienna GA think everyone wins in that situation.

It hit Clarksburg fucl on the head. Clarksburg has no entertainment of any sort. You have zeal Mart and the outside mall and a lot of places to ddown, so come and see obesity Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia its finest and take your camera to Wal Mart and you might get some interesting shots. How did you decide what makes your variables good or bad?

Why are no towns with populations less than 5, considered? There are very classy people here like my family we wear very nice clothes we wear shoes and we brush are hair and bath every day!! And how many are like you in your life style versus the rest of the masses…. This is what Woman down to fuck Morgantown West Virginia article is about. The masses not the exceptional. Why do you get upset?