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To Women sex Berea the patterns, contexts and impacts of alcohol use associated with commercial sex reported in the global literature. We identified peer-reviewed English-language articles from to reporting alcohol consumption Women sex Berea female sex workers FSWs or male clients.

We retrieved 70 articles describing 76 studies, in which 64 were quantitative 52 for FSWs, 12 for male clients and 12 qualitative. Studies Nude girls Green River over the past three decades, with geographic concentration of the research in Asia and North America.


Alcohol use was Women sex Berea among FSWs and clients. Integrating quantitative and qualitative studies, multilevel contexts of alcohol use in the sex work Women sex Berea were identified, including workplace and occupation-related use, the use of alcohol to facilitate the transition into and practice of commercial sex among both FSWs and male clients, and self-medication among FSWs.

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Alcohol use in the context of commercial sex is prevalent, harmful among FSWs and male clients, but under-researched. Research in this area in more diverse settings and with standardized measures is required. The review underscores the importance Sex lady Garden City integrated intervention for Berra use and related problems in multilevel contexts and with multiple Women sex Berea in order to Women sex Berea reduce alcohol use and its harmful effects among FSWs and their clients.

In addition to its adverse effects on mental health disorders, se and death Room et al. Problem drinking requires population-based primary prevention and structural interventions to enhance individual-level treatment programs Room et al.

Alcohol use is Women sex Berea and context-specific; a better understanding of drinking contexts is of worldwide importance Bryant, ; Jernigan et al. The social context of alcohol use describes individual motivational and situational factors Beck et al.

Social and environmental forces include availability of alcohol Gruenewald et al. Drinking in the context of a sexual encounter is more closely associated with Women sex Berea sex than is the frequency or quantity Kalichman et al.

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Intervening on environmental and contextual Women sex Berea may foster substantial and wide-reaching changes in drinking behavior Ahern et al. Context particularly matters for alcohol use in commercial sex. Alcohol use has long been recognized as an important aspect of commercial sex, which involves Cheating horny women sex workers and their clients Plant et al.

As a hidden and lucrative industry, commercial sex is increasing globally UNAIDS, and Women sex Berea social characteristics that shape drinking context Aral et al.

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A broad understanding of drinking Women sex Berea is a stepping stone to inform the development of intervention and prevention programs to effectively reduce its harmful effects among FSWs. Despite recognition of the need for contextualized approaches to research on women, alcohol and work Ames and Rebhun, ; Wilsnack and Wilsnack,they have been missing from systematic review investigating alcohol use in Betea context of commercial sex.

The aim of this review is to examine and synthesize the findings in the global literature regarding the patterns, contexts and impacts of alcohol Women sex Berea associated with commercial sex, focusing on FSWs and male clients.

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A socio-ecological framework Morojele et al. The present review integrates studies in quantitative and qualitative methodologies Whittemore and Knafl, A comprehensive literature search was conducted to identify studies: Ten articles were excluded because Women sex Berea inadequate measurement of alcohol use.

The reference lists of the remaining 52 articles and recent alcohol-related reviews Fisher et al. Studies were organized Women sex Berea sample FSWs or male clients or research methodology quantitative or qualitative method.

Summary of quantitative studies on alcohol use of female sex workers, — Summary of quantitative studies on alcohol use of male clients Wmoen female sex workers, — Summary of qualitative studies on alcohol use in the context of commercial sex, — We review general trends, patterns i.

Because level of societal economic development influences individual drinking behavior Rahav et al. Women sex Berea

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There was an increase in the quantity of publications over time: Most FSWs drank more than the recommended level of alcohol consumption for women e. In a study Women sex Berea FSWs in Scotland, the unit of alcohol use e. Thirty-three percent of FSWs Brea Kenya were binge drinkers with over five drinks during at least one occasion last month Chersich et al.

A study on male clients attending public STD-clinics in Singapore reported that One study in Australia reported that One study in the Netherlands Women sex Berea that the average alcohol intake of clients per visit was 4. FSWs drink Womej levels of alcohol use in alcohol-selling or alcohol-serving venues. In the Netherlands, FSWs in clubs reported drinking more than Women sex Berea working in the street, home, brothel and window; two-thirds gained earnings from sale of alcoholic beverage de Graaf et al.

In Kenya, daily or binge drinking was more prevalent among FSWs working in bars or Berwa than other sites Yadav Kununurra independent adult classifieds al. Although observed differential patterns by workplace may Beeea associated with availability, accessibility or acceptability of alcohol in specific locations, other potential explanations exist.

Street-based FSWs, usually working on their own, had less protection than venue-based FSWs Harcourt and Donovan,and had to avoid drinking in order to maintain self-control Agha and Nchima, Similar occupation-related drinking pattern was also reported among male clients.

Woken seafarers Women sex Berea Thailand were more likely to become intoxicated while having sex with non-regular Women sex Berea than were male migrants of other occupations Ford and Chamratrithirong, Studies from high-income countries reported that drinking problems and alcohol esx in early life were associated Breea engaging in commercial sex Silbert et al. Among school girls in Norway, selling sex was associated with alcohol problems and alcohol exposure at parental home Pedersen and Hegna, One-third of interviewed FSWs in Canada Wojen an addiction to alcohol or Adult sex personals Chelyabinsk prior to their involvement in the sex trade DeRiviere, However, another study in Canada reported no significant difference in parental Women sex Berea drinking between 45 adolescent FSWs and 37 non-FSWs Nadon et Berae.

Several studies reported that both FSWs and their male clients used alcohol to facilitate participation in commercial sex: Seex a study in Kenya, A study in South Africa reported that a woman who accepts beer from a man is obligated to exchange sex; and it is acceptable for a man to request sex from a woman for whom he pays for the beers Wojcicki, In Chennai, India, clients brought alcohol for FSWs to Women sex Berea to meet their sexual demands and fantasies Sivaram et al.

FSWs in Cambodia reported using alcohol and drug before sex, both voluntarily and coerced by clients Nishigaya, In South India, FSWs reported using alcohol with either regular clients to facilitate enjoyment and involvement or irregular clients to numb themselves to take clients without emotional involvement Kumar, FSWs Girl on 515pm Spokane today top level exposed to alcohol-using or Women sex Berea clients or other sexual partners.

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A study in New York City reported that Drunkenness before having sex with non-regular partners was common among migrant seafarers in Thailand Ford and Chamratrithirong, Qualitative studies reported that FSWs in Nevada often took intoxicated clients because of the money Brents and Hausbeck, ; some FSWs in a city in southwestern China cannot afford to refuse to serve inebriated clients Choi and Holroyd, sec A traditional social norm for a group of men to visit a brothel after heavy drinking VanLandingham and Trujillo, and a strong peer Women sex Berea to drink and visit FSWs among migrant seafarers Ford and Chamratrithirong, were reported in Thailand.

A study Women sex Berea Chennai, Beea reported that Women sex Berea disinhibited clients and facilitated exercise of power over FSWs Kumar, Drinking Wives want hot sex Doyline the courage of clients to buy sex in Chennai, India and in Thailand Sivaram Bereaa al.

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Military conscripts in Thailand reported that alcohol could reduce the inhibitions during interpersonal interaction and sexual risk-taking, reinforce brothel attendance and enhance sexual pleasure MacQueen et al.

Clients in the Netherlands reported that drinking increased their sexual desire and suppressed shame de Graaf et al. Drinking among FSWs may serve as self-medication or maladaptive coping to deal with economic disadvantage, an impoverished life style and stressful work.

The secrecy and stigmatization associated with illegal commercial sex have created stress, conflict Women sex Berea fear among FSWs Hong et al. Women sex Berea include depression, internalized stigma, needs to hide their situation from family and friends, socioeconomic pressures and diminishing hope for the future. FSWs may also suffer from both internal conflicts e.

A quantitative study in England reported that routine drinking helped FSWs Women sex Berea more relaxed, more confident and better able to work Gossop et al. Street FSWs, usually at the lowest end of the commercial sex spectrum Huang et al. A qualitative study in the Netherlands reported that FSWs used alcohol to put Women sex Berea their negative feelings, reduce anxiety about making contact and overcome physical aversion for their Free sex partner Hospitalet de llobregat de Graaf et al.

Worldwide, the impacts of alcohol use on physical health conditions of FSWs have been largely neglected including fatigue and sleep problems Jung et al.

Alcohol use may co-occur with illicit drug use among FSWs. Some exchanged sex primarily for drugs Gossop et al. Women sex Berea Kenya, daily drinkers of FSWs were more likely to report ever having practiced intravenous drug use Yadav et al.

In the Philippines, FSWs in alcohol-related risk situations were Women sex Berea likely to use drugs Chiao et al. A few studies reported the association between alcohol use and mental health.

Ex-FSWs in Korea had frequent and serious posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, which were positively correlated with drinking Women sex Berea Jung et al. Alcohol intoxication was significantly associated with suicidal ideation among establishment-based FSWs in a rural county of China Hong Womem al. Several studies reported a consistent and positive association between alcohol sxe and sexual violence experienced by FSWs. A study Women sex Berea Kenya reported that binge drinking among FSWs was associated with being a victim of more sexual violence i.

One study in China reported that FSWs who experienced sexual coercion were more likely Housewives looking nsa Norfolk County Ontario drink alcohol before having sex with their clients Wang et al.

Alcohol use by FSWs might impair their abilities to detect the risk of rape and escape from or fend off an assault, and increase their involvement in risk-prone situations George and Stoner, In India, FSWs reported that their Women sex Berea asked by clients made them lose consciousness and prevented negotiation around condom use Panchanadeswaran et al.

Young men in Thailand reported not using condoms while buying sex after drinking VanLandingham Women sex Berea Trujillo, Drinking alcohol was cited as a reason for failure to use Women sex Berea among military conscripts visiting FSWs in Northern Thailand MacQueen et al. Among FSWs in Mombasa, Kenya, alcohol Women sex Berea were more likely to report human herpesvirus-8 seroprevalence Lavreys et al.

Drinking in the last visit to a brothel was not associated with STIs among clients from army conscripts in Thailand Celentano et al.

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Alcohol use in the context of commercial sex is prevalent and potentially Women sex Berea among both FSWs and their clients worldwide.

Although increasing, studies remain limited in numbers and scope. The geographic concentration in Asia and North America may not appropriately reflect the actual geographic variation of alcohol use in Women sex Berea Berae globally. Womenn did not identify any studies from the Russian Federation, which has high rates of problem drinking Bobak et al. Future studies are needed in more diverse locations, multiple sites and with appropriate balance on FSWs and clients.

In some societies, social norms, peer pressure, and power and influence also play important roles. This review identified occupational and environmental influences of drinking, including occupational use e.

We concur with other authors Chiao et al. Because of the illegal nature of commercial sex in most countries Women sex Berea regions and the difficulty in sampling, accessing and following up, only a few studies used a random sampling Women seeking sex tonight Shelburn or demonstrated the representativeness se their samples Chakraborty et al.